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JULY 19th to July 26th and 27th !!

...It's time again for the Barron family to have another reunion. This time on the West side in California. Last year we met in Oklahoma.
...These are the details and directions we have planned.

  • The first part of the reunion will be seven days of camping at Lake Almanor California (see details below)

  • The second part will be one day of meeting and fun at Rolling Hills Inn near Corning California right on I-5 (see details below).

  • FRIDAY JULY 19th will begin the fun at the PG&E Rocky Point Campground on the South /West side of lake Almanor. This will last for seven days and end FRIDAY JULY 26th.
  • MAP of PG&E Rocky Point Campground

  • SATURDAY JULY 27th we will meet at Rolling Hills Inn
    10 rooms have been set aside for us. To reserve a room call the number at the top of THIS PAGE (also, details of reservations)
  • As of June 15th 5 of the motel rooms have been reserved.

  • We will welcome any of our extended Barron family to join us. All the way back to John M. Barron..

  • Don't hesitate to contact me if you wish. Thanks. I look forward to seeing you.



    Thank you Arlin Dale(Fuzzy)BARRON.

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