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** NEW!**CAPTAIN THOMAS HUDSON BARRON LAND GRANTS*** (click here for picture)(it's huge).
*1940 census records*. Only some so far! (click here for view)

  • Of the 22 descendants of Thomas Hudson BARRON Roncahlia Cumbe BARRON is the only one that continued the BARRON Surname through his son Hamlett Brown BARRON.
  • This page is primarily dedicated to the descendants of Hamlett Brown (Scott) BARRON.
  • Please go back in time and follow our family lines from the 1700s to 2020 .
  • CENSUS : After much research and work I have made all the links I have been searching for.
    Thomas Hudson, Ronchalia Cumbe and Hamlett BARRON (Please click on the year)
    .......1850 (Captain) Thomas Hudson Barron - Milam Co.TX.
    .......1860 (Captain) Thomas Hudson Barron - Mclenan Co.TX.
    .......1870 (Captain) Thomas Hudson Barron - Falls Co.TX.
    .......1880 Ronchalia Cumbe (Bud) (R.C.) Barron (Baron) - Falls Co.TX.
    .......1900 Ronchalia Cumbe (Bud) (R.C.) Barron - Bryant Co. OK.
    .......1910 Ronchalia Cumbe (Bud) (R.C.) Barron - Bryant Co.OK
    .......1910 Hamlett Brown (Scott) Barron - Hughes Co.OK.
    .......1920 Hamlett Brown (Scott) Barron - Hughes Co. OK.
    .......1930 Hamlett Brown (Scott) Barron - Caddo Co. OK

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    BLEVINS TEXAS map (1930), JAMES L. COURTNEY "DIARY", Thomas Hudson BARRON property.
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    Same wagon with buggy and cannon I built later.

    Please follow each link to a page dedicated to the family member.

    1 - THOMAS HUDSON BARRON  (1837 Captain in the early Texas Rangers)--------------1796 to 1874

    2- RONCHALIA CUMBE BARRON -----------1852 to 1910
    Wife Martha P.Reese--------1855 to 1912
    3- MARY A.(mamie)Barron (Yager)
    3- HAMLETT BROWN (Scott) BARRON------------1879 to 1945
    Wife Bertha B.Breuninger.-1887 to 1973
    Breuninger family info..
    4- Thomas Karr BARRON Uncle Karr passed away (2/13/2008)He was 100 years old. 5- Louise Marie Barron 6- Gary Heddlesten 6- Bobby Heddlesten 6- Paula Heddlesten 6- Kenny Ray Higgins 6- Sandra Higgins. 6- Thomas Barron (adopt) 5-Albert Eugene BARRON 6- Mary Louise Barron 7- Billy Lynn Ledford 7- Brian Jay Ledford 7- Joshua Lynn Taylor 6- Kathy Sue Barron 7- Christy Dawn Vandell 7- LaTrisha Renee Brewer 7- Jennifer Leann Vandell 7- Andrea Jean Brewer 6- Eugene Dean Barron 7- Brandon Eugene 7- Nicole Lee 6- Laurie Marie Barron 5- Haskell Lee Barron 6- Teresa Barron(step) 6- Larry Gene Barron(step) 5- Gerald Dean BARRON 6- Deanna Gayle Barron 7- Jared Allen Burns 7- Bradley Wade Burns 6- Gerald Dean Barron Jr 7- Shauna Nicole Barron 7- Skylar Dean Barron 6- Pamela Lorraine Barron 7- Danielle LaRae Lee 6- Todd Robert Barron 7- Layken LeeAnn Barron 5- Jack Thomas BARRON 6- Adina Marie (Barron) Weimer 7- Heidi Zoanne Weimer
    7- Hadassah Lynn Weimer 6- Lance Duane Barron 7- La'Shaya Amrie Barron 7- Shaylan Morgan Barron 7- Preston Thomas Barron
    7- Hudson Louis Barron 6- Chad Sherrod Barron 7- Kaden Jack Barron 7/15/2004
    7- Kendi Jo Barron
    4- Jessie Omega (Copeland) Barron 5- Jannis Copeland 6-
    Kari Peden 6- Dana Peden 5- Jackie Copeland 5- Billy Copeland 5- Linda branch 6- Burl Smith 6- Michelle Lynn Smith 7- Kailey Jo Smith 7- Trevor Dean May 4-Willie Lee (cricket)Barron 5- Sonny Hendrix 5- Jimmy Hamlett Hendrix
    4-Clyde Hamlet BARRON 5- Shirley D. Eller 6- Anthony James(Buck)Nelson 6- Rhett Jeremy Nelson
    4- Arlin Reece BARRON and Frances.
    5- Arlin Dale BARRON 6- Benjamin Joseph BARRON 7- Taylor Nicole Barron 7- Austin Dale Barron 6- Andrew Dale BARRON 6- James Arlin BARRON 6- Audrea Dyan Russell 7- Nicole Dyan Russell 7- Krista Michelle Russell 7- Alexis Grace Russell 5- Jean Ann (Pippin) Barron 6- Robert William Pippin 5- Bertha Charletta (Hiatt)-(McMaster) Barron 6- Richard Arlin Hiatt 7- Alex Hiatt 6- Tamra Jean Hiatt 7- Anthony(Tony)Cavallo 7- Riley Cavallo
    5- Dovie Coleen (Cross)(Detches)Barron 6- Crystal Ellen(Peppas)Detches 7- Dylan Reece Peppas 7- Nicholas Dean Peppas 5- Rebecca Frances (Fine) Barron 6- Randall Eric Fine 7- Andrew Reece Fine 7- Bailey Anne Fine 6- Melissa Lynn Fine
    5-Randal Keith BARRON 6- Clayton (Clay) Dale Barron 6- Kelli Suzanne Barron 6- Collin Reece Barron
    4- Richard Morris BARRON 5- Donald Richard Barron 6- Paula Kay Barron 7- Louis A.Costa III (10/15/1987), 7- Nathan Foster 7- Lucas Foster 6- Stephanie Lynn Barron 7- Eduardo "Eddie" Bracho 7- Daniel Bracho 6- Jeffery Donald Barron
    7- Jeffrey Don Barron Jr.
    7- Kana Nicole Barron 7- Karli Barron 5- Charlotte (Charlett) Marie Barron 6- Kelle Marie Stoller 6- Amanda Marie Barker
    4- Calvert Cecil BARRON 5- Darcy Lee 5- Karlene Ann 5- Gale Phyllis
    4- Edna Anglin Barron 5- James Barron (Jimmy) Hopkins 5- Richard Arlin (Dickie) Gosnell (Deceased) 5- Ronald Gene (Ronnie) Gosnell 4- LC (Lester Cecil) BARRON 5- Howard Scott BARRON 6- Amanda Barron 6- Alexandra J Barron 6- Austin S Barron 4- Leroy Barron The Thomas Hudson Barron story by Byron Max Courtney. (Thank you to all the Courtney family).
       Many of you have written to me about our Indian heritage. Hamlett's father Ronchalia and  uncle Lycurgus (and many others)came to Durant Oklahoma from Falls county Texas to claim Indian land and get cards:  Dawes Report  Lycurgus did and Ronchalia did not as far as I can tell. Choctaw was their blood but only 1/8 to 1/2.
       This left Hamlett with no more than 1/4. Hamlett married Bertha who was always thought to be adopted from Cherokee blood but I found her and her sister Ada in the 1900 Lincoln boarding school in Philadelphia Pennsylvania. They were both listed as being 100% Menominee Indian. Click on image for big view, scroll down for Indian. 1900 census I am fairly certain we have Menominee and a little Choctaw but very little of each. If you have information about this please let me know.

    Please email me if you have more information (dates names ect.)or can correct my spelling errors and/or add dates and names. Because this is an on going project I will and do add information and data as I get it.
    Please write "Barron Family Ronchalia" and/or your family name in subject window as I receive 300 to 400 junk emails a day. SEND EMAIL TO; (copy/paste)---> Thank you; Arlin Dale(Fuzzy)BARRON.